Bringing Next-Gen Sports Video to Dartmouth

When I visit my parents’ house, I still find myself digging around for the video of my best-ever hook shot on the basketball court; it’s a search that consistently goes unrewarded. But this desire to rewatch and relive my best moments in sports, is something I know I share with many athletes, current and former.

The simple truth is that nothing compares to rewatching the video footage itself – and it can often be challenging to find.

As a member of the WePlayed Sports team, I’m proud to say that Dartmouth athletes won’t run into such a problem. Thanks to our platform, anytime Dartmouth athletes want to show friends and family what they’ve accomplished on the field or court, WePlayed’s short-form video #moments will be at their fingertips.

Our partnership makes hundreds of Big Green #moments readily available on and across Dartmouth-owned social media channels. Whether it’s a recent or archival game, those #moments can be accessed by athletes, coaches, alumni, and fans to watch, share, and remember. WePlayed Sports’ unique filtering system also enables a personalized viewing experience that can hone in on a particular athlete, season, game, or play type.

As a company, we’re exhilarated by the recent launch, and we’re looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Dartmouth Athletics, whose tradition of excellence will be captured through #moments for years to come.

It’s now my pleasure to share perspectives and insights from members of the Dartmouth community:

Gilad Doron, Women’s Volleyball Head Coach, Dartmouth

“WePlayed Sports provides our fans and recruits a terrific opportunity to see highlights of their favorite player(s) on their personal bio pages. From a coaching workload, WePlayed has the ability to take out hours of work on behalf of our assistant coaches who are looking for a good play to share after matches.”

Rick Bender, Director of Varsity Athletics Communications, Dartmouth

“With the ever-increasing demand for video content across the internet, our limited staff simply wasn’t able to provide extensive content with only so many work hours available in a day. WePlayed Sports essentially allows us to add a “staff member” to help churn out exponentially more videos that will help the end user get the specific content they desire in the form of targeted short moments. The WePlayed staff has been responsive and collaborative in every way to ensure we get our content the way we want it as well.”

At WePlayed Sports, we work day-in and day-out to expand the number of sports, athletes and teams for which our technology can create #moments. Dartmouth has brought us one step closer to our goal, and it’s left us all the more excited to continue our work.