Creating Meaning Through #Moments

If you had to choose just one moment in sports to relive, what would it be? Think about it for a second…

Okay, got it? Now think about who’s involved in that moment - maybe it’s your hometown team, your all-time favorite player, a family member, a close friend, a player you represent as an agent - or even yourself. The true beauty and power of sports is that the magic of a play can summon memories and emotions in everyone who witnesses it, even long after it happened.

At WePlayed Sports, we’re in the business of creating #moments - automated short-form videos that capture and celebrate every play of every game - to give athletes, coaches, fans, and alumni the opportunity to watch and engage with them. We’re driven by the very idea that a single #moment can touch the lives of hundreds, if not thousands or millions, of people in distinct and special ways.

To illustrate this idea, we’ll take a look at a #moment featuring my good friend Matt Hasselbeck’s daughter, Annabelle, who’s a freshman on the Boston College women’s lacrosse team. In late February of this year, despite the pandemic, she stepped out onto the field for her first collegiate game - and scored her first goal. Matt played 17 years in the NFL and is currently an analyst for ESPN, but nothing makes him prouder than watching his children create their own #moments on the field.

Watch Annabelle’s #moment here, and then read on to see what it meant to others.

Proud Parent, Matt Hasselbeck

"As parents, we don't just see the goal, we see her perseverance in the celebration. We know the hard work and challenges behind that moment and can now share them with our community: Annabelle's family, grandparents, and even great-grandparents.”

Lax Expert, Kristen Kjellman Marshall

“Annabelle does an excellent job jumping on the whistle and using her speed to get out in front of the defenders. She veers to the left to open up space for her stick and makes a hard bounce shot past the goalie. Textbook!”

As WePlayed Sports’ President and Founder, it’s been incredible to see our #moments take on new meaning in the lives of others, whether it’s an athlete, a major league scout, or a grandparent watching from afar. We do what we do for others, and we are continuing our work every day, determined to expand the number of sports, athletes and teams for which our technology can create #moments.

One of my favorite quotes about fans' connection to sports is from an article I read a few years back:

“There is no single answer to why people watch sports, because the answer doesn’t lie in the game, it lies inside the individual.” (Columbia Journalism Review)

We understand that the meaning of a #moment can’t be defined by a single narrative. Rather, #moments can take on a vast number of definitions, imposed on them by the athletes and fans that live them.