What is WePlayed?

WePlayed is an exciting sports video platform tailored specifically for those who love the game. Not only do we provide access to a rich catalog of games, but we also allow our community of athletes, fans, and experts to discover and enrich any moment from any game, making them available for search, personalization, and sharing. By connecting communities with their favorite sports content, WePlayed fosters an ecosystem that adds both technical detail and emotional insight into specific moments in the game. Users can then use these moments to create new stories and context around their favorite teams, athletes, and sports.

Why WePlayed?

WePlayed believes that all athletes and fans should have access to the games they love to share their story and insights that they only know. The platform is designed to capture this knowledge so that the story and history of athletes, teams, and games don’t get lost. At WePlayed, when the game ends, the story begins. We allow users to discover, personalize and share their favorite moments in college sports. WePlayed is the ultimate sports video platform because it’s built by people who love the game: athletes and experts like you.\

What is a WePlayed Moment?

A moment is a video clip with added information. It’s far more than a highlight because it not only includes specific video segments from a game, but it also incorporates both data and insights from our community. Moments can be viewed with additional context of the athletes in the moments along with additional information. These moments can then be used to build new stories by adding them to collections and allowing other WePlayed users to add to the rich history and context in the game.

How do I create great moments?

It’s simple: we provide you all the tools you need to get the games you want and discover the terrific moments within them. Critical things to consider are:

  • Title. Title the moment in a succinct, insightful way from your perspective. This is a social way to capture the essence of the moment.
  • Tags. A great moment should have tags that capture the technical aspects of the play on the field. If the moment doesn’t warrant a technical tag i.e. A commentator talking about
  • Athlete. The core of the moment starts with the athlete in the moment. Highlight the athlete accurately. A great moment should have more than two highlighted athletes
  • Tone. Please don’t be a jerk: Your title and tags shouldn’t be rude or demeaning to an athlete, team or coach. Just like in the game, unsportsmanlike behavior can have you sent to the locker room.

What is a WePlayed Champion?

Our WePlayed community is continually improving the moments created, edited, and organized by everyone on our platform. A WePlayed Champion clips the moment, adds commentary, highlights athletes and tags sports specific technical aspects of our games at a higher rate, and with better quality. They are our community experts and have opportunities to moderate our platform, define a “Challenge” and participate in WePlayed events. You’ll be recognized by high profile athletes, coaches and be featured on the WePlayed platform.

What is a WePlayed Challenge?

Challenges are a fun way to compete and connect with other experts on specific analysis. These challenges offer more opportunities for this rich content to come to life by cataloging moments in a game, season, play type or athlete’s career.

Can I Share and Get Featured?

Be inspired and share your moments and stories to the sports world. The result is a published story created from your moments.

What is a WePlayed Collection?

Moments that are categorized into a logical playlist. This is an in upcoming release. What are the best plays in an athlete’s career? What are the great calls by a coach in a particular season? What were the key 25 plays that changed the game? With WePlayed, you can move moments into collections that add depth and knowledge by organizing them into categories that are relevant to your community.

Can I create moments if I am not in a challenge?

This is an in upcoming release. Make sure you sign up and we will notify you as soon as you can sign up and create and view moments at your own pace.

What if I want to add text or a graphic to the video?

Coming soon. Summer of 2019! Make sure you sign up and we will notify you as soon as you can add text, audio or graphics to the video.

What if I can’t find a particular video on WePlayed?

A video will be added from different sports, schools, and conferences on a monthly basis. We will have access to content from the ACC, SEC, Big 12 and Big East this spring. We initially will be bringing on football followed by women’s volleyball, men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s lacrosse, baseball, and softball. Our ultimate goal is to have EVERY game that has ever been filmed in sports, BUT we have to start somewhere!