Job Opportunities


At WePlayed, you will have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and work with the world’s most promising sports tech team. Mastering a brand-new technology platform is more difficult than tackling a 225-pound running back, so we’re looking for talented people who don’t want to be on the bench.

Are you energized by building complex platforms from scratch? Then join us. We are a small team of veteran and serial startup entrepreneurs working on something that some of our investors have described as “groundbreaking” and “very big.” The NFL Players Association said we’re one of the top sports tech companies to watch in 2018.

Who You Are

This is not your first rodeo. You thrive on building software projects from the ground up (with or without the front-end). Your weapon of choice is typically a dynamic language of some sort (like Python or Ruby). You are a SQL ninja who can model domain objects in your sleep. Linux shell is your comfort zone. Building robust APIs, data ETLs, and workflows are your bread and butter. You can work independently and can find the right balance between getting things done fast versus getting things done right. You are proactive and extremely self-motivated. Most of all, you thrive on being the sole owner of a complex but exhilarating problem to solve.

The Role

Prototype, design and build the entire product and platform from the ground up, both web and mobile. Be the key decision maker for the tech stack selection and internal software design. Work with the founding team to not only deliver the new offering to the market but also to expand the technical team down the road, promote the brand and learn a thing or two about venture fundraising. As the product evolves, become involved in experimental machine learning algorithms and highly performant, scalable big data architectures.