Paul Zukauskas

Co-Founder and President of WePlayed

Paul Zukauskas WePlayed

Paul is the Co-Founder and President of WePlayed. A multi-sport athlete in high school, he went on to become both a football captain and All-American at Boston College, where he delivered the school’s first bowl victory after a 5-year drought. From there Paul joined the NFL and played with the Cleveland Browns before finishing his career with the San Francisco 49ers. After the NFL, he joined the sales team at tech leader EMC. In addition to his accomplishments in both professional and colleges sports, Paul became one of the most respected and successful high school football coaches in New England. Paul has spent more than twenty years studying football video and understands the connection video brings between data, learning, and inspiration. He is a Player Advisor to the Former NFL Player Health Study at Harvard University. Paul has a BS in Communications from Boston College.