Short-Form Sports Video: A Market In The Making

Throughout my career in media, I have been among both the fast followers and leaders of several innovations in content creation and distribution. I have navigated from broadcast content (ABC/Disney) to cable content (MTV Networks/Viacom) to distribution (FiOS) to platforms (Verizon Wireless).

Regardless of how the content made its way to viewers, each innovation possessed a single common denominator: a massive and ravenous consumer base eager to devour it. As a result, cable, sports channels, HD, Fiber, streaming, binge viewing and social media all flourished.

The proliferation of platforms optimizing content for behavior, device and genre has met and driven more consumer demand across almost every aspect of content consumption with the notable exception of short-form sports video.

For certain, live coverage of sports has long been a leader in innovation, validating and accelerating adoption of new technology, platforms and distribution to enhance the live viewing experience: examples include picture quality (analog>>digital>>HD>>4K); camera placement (pylons, backboards, cups, drones, helmets, cars...); on-screen graphics; and enhanced analytics.

Yet, sports inexplicably lags in the fastest growth content genre: short-form video! Short-form sports video remains entrenched in athlete interviews; coaches segments; and game highlights featuring only the most remarkable performances from the most remarkable performers.

A massive market opportunity is in store for the creators, platforms, and distributors who deliver short-form sports video to consumers in a way that satisfies their varied and voracious appetites.

At WePlayed Sports, we create video #moments from every play of every game. We believe our tech-based solution to short-form sports content creation, discovery and distribution offers a market winning recipe based upon three key ingredients:

CONNECTION: Every #moment possesses a personal relevance to a viewer
CONVENIENCE: All #moments are easy to discover in popular sites
CONTEXT: Each #moment goes beyond the play to provide a captivating story

WePlayed Sports knows the short-form sports video market like none other.