The Making of a #Moment

I’ll never forget the beginning minutes of my first lacrosse national championship game. I beat my defender, kicked my speed into high gear, passed the ensuing defender and notched our first goal of the game. We were even, 1-1, with the reigning national champions, the University of Virginia. The energy in the stadium was palpable – and right then, I knew we could win. This was more than just a goal - it was a moment I’ll remember forever:

  • Being just a sophomore, it gave me the confidence I needed to perform to my full potential, as I went on to create more meaningful plays to drive us to victory.
  • I believe it gave my team the confidence to compete on the biggest stage and genuinely believe we could win that day against a tough opponent.
  • More broadly speaking, it was the spark that propelled me to perform at the highest level and achieve excellence in my sport at Northwestern and beyond

Watch the moment here.

The best plays in sports are defined by more than just action – context and emotion give plays greater depth and allow us to establish our own unique human connections to them. When I reflect on my own career, it is the pivotal, emotionally-charged moments that I remember most clearly.

My company, WePlayed Sports, specializes in the business of creating #moments by way of our proprietary technology, which automatically breaks down full-length game film into short-form videos. We’ve chosen to call these short-form videos #moments because we believe in creating more than just standard highlights – we aim to tell a story.

When a #moment is well developed, it has the unique ability to drive a meaningful connection between the viewer and the content. The video itself is expertly cut, and the associated written description expands upon the visual information, creating a powerful fusion of context and emotion.

The 4 Key Elements of a #Moment:

  • WHO is involved? the athletes
  • WHAT is the situation? the context of the game
  • HOW is it happening? the play type (or action)
  • WHY does it matter? the outcome

No matter what game is being played, or what athletes are involved, there is always a story to be told. At WePlayed Sports, we are fueled by this notion, and every day we are driven to create compelling #moments that tell more of these great stories. To all the athletes competing – and to those aspiring to compete someday – we cannot wait to tell your stories.