Unlock the Power of Short-Form Sports Video

Legendary coach Bill Belichick is known to task young assistant coaches - and even prospective hires - with the practice of watching the “All-22 Game Film” and transcribing every throw, run, block, route, formation and front in a given play into a coaching software. This process is known as “padding.” Coaches chart these alignments and assignments for all 22 players for every snap on offense, defense and special teams so they can unlock their insights into specific players and teams. Each play can take up to 20 minutes to detail, and with roughly 150 plays each game, it can take hours for coaches to break down an entire game.

As an All-American football player at Boston College, former NFL player, and college and high school coach, I am all too familiar with breaking down video for self-scouting, opponent-scouting, recruiting and highlight reel creation. In my estimation, I’ve spent over 10,000 hours analyzing video in the past 25 years. Through these years entrenched in sports video - and inspired by so many great moments and athletes - I realized that there are stories in every play that “padding” cannot capture.

I knew recording every moment in a way that inspires and elicits emotion would require a different platform than that of standard coaching software. After this realization, I began to envision a platform that could enable people to create, discover, and share every #moment of every game - unlocking the emotional connection we all have to the athletes and teams we love. With this vision, I founded WePlayed Sports - the next-generation sports video platform.

Sports is one of the few mediums that still has a stronghold on live entertainment; it will continue to be among the most lucrative media properties that fans will pay to watch, brands will pay to sponsor and for which media will pay to own the rights. However, what the sports community wants goes beyond the live game - they want to watch personalized, captivating #moments anytime, anywhere when they cannot commit to an entire live game. The rate of growth for this short-form, on-demand sports video is increasing rapidly. In fact, according to Two Circles, it will likely grow 101%+ over the next five years.

Why WePlayed Sports? Because in our scattered media landscape, fans, teams and media properties are searching for the same thing: curated content that features our favorite athletes and teams. WePlayed Sports’ short-form video #moments deepen fan engagement, highlight more athletes and expand the reach of sports video by allowing compelling and personalized #moments to be easily discovered and shared.

WePlayed Sports’ Core: Create, Discover & Share

Create: WePlayed Sports’ proprietary A.I. automatically creates and curates thousands of captivating short-form video #moments in just seconds by syncing team, schedule and roster data with play-by-play game information.

Discover: Users can quickly and easily search and filter through the collection of thousands of #moments by keyword (sport, player, play, time in-game, context, opponent, season, sentiment) to locate the #moments that are most meaningful to them.

Share: Our platform allows users to easily share personalized #moments through their favorite social channels. Our platform can also automatically map #moments to roster pages, team pages, schedules and news stories on university websites. These various avenues for sharing give fans a new video consumption experience that goes deeper than highlights on YouTube.

At WePlayed Sports, we are a team of athletes, sports industry experts, content creators and renowned tech and media veterans who believe the top #moments in sports deserve to be easily discovered, personalized and shared. We are here to enable teams and media properties to effectively leverage the high-growth market of short-form video and unlock the power of the sports #moments we love.

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