What We Do

Redefine the Sports Video Narrative

Sports participation and enthusiasm continue to grow, but changes in sports video consumption habits, the demands for a personalized and unified sports narrative, and the challenges of inaccessible sports video content across all sports seriously fail to meet the needs of the contemporary sports communities and fans. Moreover, sports video content owners lack both the technology to enrich and prioritize their assets along with the tools to identify and mobilize diverse sports audiences. Cord cutting and scattered online sites further exacerbate the viewer experience, underscoring the need for a centralized platform engineered specifically for sports and sports communities.

We bring post-live sports video – both yesterday’s and yesteryear’s – back to life with a cloud-based platform engineered not only for the nuances of sports, but also for the unique demands of athletes, fans, teams, clubs, leagues, conferences, coaches, schools, rights owners, brands, and so many more.